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Top 6 types of home additions in 2022

A bigger kitchen, another bedroom, or a larger bathroom — there may come a time when homeowners start to think about extra room, and they can choose from several basic types of additions to meet their needs for living space, cost, and style:

•     Attic or basement conversion: Adds space without changing the home’s footprint

•     Conventional house addition: A major, multi-room home addition

•     Room addition or bump out: Adds a single room

•     Sunroom: Adds protected recreational space

•     Garage conversion: Adds a sizable space 

•     Tiny house: Isolates a new living space from the home

No matter what the scale, creating new living space in your home is a major project that requires careful planning, budgeting, and partnering with an expert to build it. 

BDCP is a great choice for building your home addition. Our skilled and experienced team will listen to your needs, provide excellent service, and work on time and on budget.

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